Stationer of the Month

Name: David Skrabec
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Age: 44
Occupation: Police Officer
Favorite Wod: Murph
Least Favorite Wod: Fran
When did you first start Crossfitting? Feb 2011

Three words that describe you:
Loyal, Dedicated, Right Wing Wacko

Fitness background:
LA Fitness type workouts. One body part per day, 30 mins of cardio. I have always enjoyed running as well. I have done 5Ks, 10Ks and ½ marathons in the past.

Hobbies/Interests outside CF:
Spending time with my family, spending time at Church, reading, travel.

How did you get exposed to CFHC?:

Do you remember your first wod?:
I do not remember the first WOD but I do remember one of my first WODS which included OHS. I watched what the females where setting up so I followed their lead. I ended up doing the WOD with a pvc pipe. Lance told me worry about the form first and the weight will come. Very humbling day.

What changes have you seen in your body and health since CFHC?:
The changes have been incredible. I thought I was fit most of my life. But when I began to see how lean and strong people were at CFHC I had to admit I had some muscle but a mushy middle. Since I started CFHC my weight has decreased by about 17lbs and my body fat has decreased from over 20% to about 8.5%. I can run a sub 6 miile and I am much stronger. Plus most of the time I can see ab muscles!

What changes in your life have you experienced since starting CFHC that where totally unexpected?
My eating and over all knowledge of diet. I have learned by talking with Jvic, other coaches and reading. My doctor has been floored at the changes in every aspect of my health. He has said that during men’s early 40’s is the period when our healthy starts to decline. My health has gotten better. My blood work has improved and my resting heart rate is in the mid 40’s. As a matter of fact it got so slow they sent me to a specialist to make sure everything was ok and my diagnosis was an “athletes heart”! I have more energy than ever before. Total transformation.

Any favorite CFHC moments you would like to share?
So many!
-First MU
-I can not remember the wod but it was like a 5-10-15, 4rds for time. The 5 reps were bar MU. I told Chewie and Bounce that I won’t leave the Station until I RX the Wod. It took me about 30x but I finally got the last bar MU. I was so happy I think I hugged them before I finished the last movements.
-Tons of good times
-When Lance kicked the last AB mat out from under me during HSPU wod and said “Chips you just graduated”.
-All the friends I have made.

Any advice for someone who is looking to start CFHC?
My advice is start light, learn the form and strength will come gradually. Most importantly listen to the coaches in all aspects of fitness. For the wods to diet and recovery, listen to your body. Get ready to have fun everyday!

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